Membership Benefits

Membership services and benefits


  • NZDA Codes of Practice
  • NZDA Guidelines
  • NZDA Code of Ethics
  • Practice Quality manual

Consumer relations

  • Local Consumer Affairs Officers - mediation service available for branch members
  • Peer Review for complaint resolution
  • NZDA/DPL dental indemnity, defence and legal support


  • CDE courses (calendar NZDA website)
  • NZDA Annual Conference
  • NZDA Young Dentist Day
  • National Dental Surgery Assistant Qualification
  • Student Observation Programme
  • Graduate Professional Development Programme
  • Mentorship Programme
  • Accreditation of CPD events
  • Website log book facility available for all members to assist meeting Annual Practising Certificate requirements

Oral health promotion

  • In surgery pamphlets
  • Website information
  • National and local oral health promotion projects
  • Media profiling of oral health issues
  • Local 'Brushin' projects
  • Teaching guides
  • Web-based video
  • NZDA/corporate projects

Dental industry

  • Annual NZDA dental industry exhibition
  • NZDA product endorsement scheme

Publications and information

  • NZDA News
  • NZ Dental Journal
  • NZDA membership list and annual report
  • NZDA fee, income and cost of practice survey


  • NZ Dental Research Foundation and Trust funding
  • NZDA Dental Research Foundation prize
  • NZDA Summer studentships
  • Management Ministry of Health, Oral Health Research Fund
  • Cochrane Reports

Dental Students

  • Student Observation Programme
  • Employers Guide
  • Graduate Recruitment Fair
  • Employment advice
  • Yearbook
  • BDS Student Awards
  • NZDA Student Day

Young Dentists

  • Graduate Professional Development Programme
  • Mentorship Programme
  • Employment advice
  • Outstanding Young Dentist Award
  • NZDA Young Dentist Day and Employment Fair

Lobby and advocacy

  • Representation to Government bodies
  • Liaison with ACC
  • Membership representation Ministry Health Steering Groups
  • Advocacy for water fluoridation
  • Workforce

Collegiality and membership services

  • Local branch meetings
  • Local sports and collegial events

Membership benefits

  • NZDA/Amex Gold and Platinum cards
  • Westpac banking packages
  • Medical House discount
  • Advertising services – employment, practice availability etc
  • Health TV advertising package
  • Affinity programme proposal


  • Faculty of Dentistry – University of Otago
  • Health Science – Auckland University of Technology
  • NZ dental industry
  • International dental associations worldwide - FDI
  • Government health agencies
  • Allied professions
  • Members of Parliament

Benevolence and international aid

  • NZDA Benevolent Foundation for members and their families
  • Overseas dental aid grants

Employment information

  • Practice management and employment agreements - practice manual
  • Job advertising (web and News)


  • Oral health promotion
  • Dental expertise and comment